A Majestic Medieval Experience Calls for Matching Accommodations

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Check our rooms, the estate, our service, and last not but least our reviews. With our roots in The Netherlands, we made Normandy our home to create your Home-on-Vacation. We simply fell in love with this landhouse, its region, and the people of Normandy.

Why choose our Chateau de Claids as your Mont Saint Michel accommodations?

Yes, we're a stunningly beautiful 1.5 hour drive away from Mont Saint Michel. Remember: The historic island of St. Michel is located on the SouthWestern corner of Normandy. When you stay in our historic Chateau, you enjoy a superbly centrally located Bed and Breakfast to explore all of magical Normandy: It's local French cuisine (at unparalled quality/price), its many historic sites, the D-Day beaches, the harbour city of Cherbourg, and so much more.

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